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Moringa Powder – Review

Cathy Cameron  

I have been diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis 8 years ago. What a shock. In my knees, back, neck and chest. I ended up in hospital in 2021 with Kidney failure. Taking too many painkillers, Martin introduced me to his brand of healthy organic products. Well, I had no choice!

I took cayenne pepper, Moringa, Diatomaceous Earth and CBD. I am walking and sleeping much better. The pain is 70% less. I eat healthy more like the Keto diet. I felt much better and went for a check-up with my Dr, She was surprised that I have lost so much weight, 40kg! After she checked my Blood pressure, she also said everything is normal and I don’t need my low blood pressure medication.

I have just finished landscaping a garden in town. I am also fixing up my B&B which I could not manage any more. Now I am busy with my 3-hectare garden! I would have been now in a wheelchair if it wasn’t for Martins’s intervening!

I highly recommend The Green Ore’s products to anyone.


Moringa Capsules – Review

Gert du Plessis  

Amazing product and service received. I recovered from Covid and felt a clear difference once I started to use this Moringa product and never stopped since. Everone should use to this product for better health and fighting Covid. Its safe and effective!


Moringa Capsules – Review

Steven van Dijk  

Miracles happen when you take this tree of life powder. So easy to consume and to use in meals. It really changed my life. My mind is clear, I got so much energy. Unbelievable, I understand why it’s called the miracle tree. Thank you so much for bringing this in my life!


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At Green Ore Organic Matters, we are a leading provider of premium quality natural and organic health products that promote optimal wellness and vitality. We are a dedicated couple on a mission to travel South Africa, in search of the finest producers and suppliers of medicinal plants and organic health products, ensuring that only the highest quality products are used in the production of our offerings.

As passionate advocates of organic and sustainable living, we are dedicated to supporting local entrepreneurs and communities in their efforts to produce natural and organic products. Our product range features a wide selection of potent medicinal plants and health optimization products designed to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

With a focus on the healing power of plants, we are dedicated to educating and empowering our customers to adopt a more natural approach to their health and wellness. Our products are unedited, natural, and available in the form of capsules, powder, oil, or tincture to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

At Green Ore Organic Matters, our goal is to deliver the best possible customer experience, including exceptional customer service and the highest quality organic and medicinal plant products. Join us on our mission to transform the way you think about your health and wellness. With Green Ore Organic Matters, you have everything you need to live a healthy and natural life.


Let food be your medicine

and medicine be your food

~ Hippocrates

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