About us:

We are a couple with a passion to travel and search for natural, organic food and medicine and products that promote optimal health and people who support optimal, natural living. We visit producers to witness their awesome traditions and practices, to ensure you get only the best quality product, at the best price. We support organic entrepreneurs, to support the local, organic community,

We have a product range of potent medicinal plants and health optimisation products, that provide the gateway to optimal health. We aim to convert people back to use plants as medicine, as plants have all the healing properties we need. Nature has the answer and there is no need to edit it.

Join Us

We have customers that left pharmaceutical drugs and are just using plants as medicine. We have a growing passion to help people heal with plants and with Green Ore Supplements, you have everything your body needs to stay healthy.

We would like to journey with our customers, delivering outstanding organic, medicinal plant products, with excellent service. We will transform the way you buy and look at great health.

We bring you Organic Medicinal Plants in its most natural form, unedited, delivered to you in extract, capsule, or powder or oil medium.


Let food be your medicine

and medicine be your food

~ Hippocrates

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