"I was diagnosed with OsteoArthritis 8 years ago. What a shock! In my knees, back, neck and chest. I ended up in hospital 2021 with kidney failure. Taking too many painkillers. Martin introduced me to his brand of organic, health products. I had no choice! I took cayenne pepper, Moringa, Diatomaceous earth and CBD oil. I am walking and sleeping much better. The pain is 70% less. I eat healthy more like a Keto diet. I felt much better and went for a check-up with my doctor. She was surprised that I have lost so much weight, 40kg! After she checked my blood pressure, she also said everything is normal and I don’t need my low blood pressure medication anymore! I have just finished landscaping a garden in town. I am also fixing up my B&B which I could not manage any more. Now I am busy with my 3-hectare garden! I would have been in a wheelchair now, if it wasn't for Martin and Cari-Mari’s Green Ore Organic Matter[s]."

Cathy C



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